Call of Duty Modern Warfare II Review FEATURED min

Call of Duty Review – Latest Update so far a


Call of Duty Modern Warfare II Review FEATURED min

While the Daytona 500 and those following NASCAR predictions will likely keep a large American segment from playing video games this weekend, it does not mean that others will not enjoy them.

It is a critical time for the popular Call of Duty franchise. The game developers just launched a massive update to both Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2. So far, the reviews have been positive from those who have been able to play both in the roughly 36 hours since the updates launched.

That is an important step forward for the developers and titles. You see, this rendition of Call of Duty is going to be a game lasting two years, which means it will be these bigger updates that make the biggest difference in how the game plays.

Speaking of which, some of the initial complaints have seemingly been solved. But there will have to be continuous updates to please everyone, as gamers will find faults with the gameplay.

Early Gripes

Upon launching the game, the passionate fan base grew pretty frustrated with the new game, some even swearing not to play it again. One popular streamer, Dr. Disrespect, became so frustrated with the game that he uninstalled it multiple times in the middle of the game and not even waiting for the game he was playing to finish.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the entertainment industry centered on video games and other ways to connect with others digitally. It was the safest way to stay connected with a deadly virus sweeping across the globe.

So Call of Duty and other games capitalized on capturing the attention of gamers as the live entertainment industry was on hold. Gamers had more time to dedicate to playing those games, and so the skill and quickness of gameplay were at an all-time high.

That changed with the new title. The entertainment industry is open again, and gaming has a large market to compete with as people get back to enjoying their everyday lives. The game developers were early adapters at creating a slower game with Warzone 2 and slowing the movement down across both titles.

Latest Update

A massive update went live on Feb. 15 for gamers to look forward to. There were promises of weapon balancing and new game modes. The popular resurgence mode from Warzone 1 debuted in the latest edition.

With it came a new map, and really helped the pacing of games, which was one of the biggest gripes among gamers. They thought the full game modes took way too long to get through, sometimes more than 30 minutes.

Playing resurgence allows for quick and easy ways to bring people back who had died. It also maximizes the time of the users who are playing. And another key switch for the main Warzone mode was a 1 on 1 gulag with so many people getting partners in 2 versus 2 who would not be active.

Those who enjoyed the chaotic Shipment map on Modern Warfare 2 will be disappointed. Some of those sweaty players who were not enjoying the game are seemingly happy with the new ranked game mode. Being able to play the same mode as the top esports professionals offers a sense of realism, balances the playing field with weapons, lethals and tacticals, and it truly caters to a player’s ability.

The level playing field truly allows stars to shine and rewards those players for playing well. Those who lose get dinged, and it is not as enjoyable of an experience for them. Again, the developers are having to give to some and take from others with this update.

What’s Next?

The clock is counting down from 60 days, which means new content is likely already being worked on for the next phase of the games. Could there be flashbacks in Warzone to the Verdansk days?

It is already a mix of the original Blackout and Warzone 1. Bringing in the most nostalgic map would be a way to win people back over to relive the positive memories from the pandemic.

For multiplayer, it seems like it would be a great time to reintroduce some popular maps of the past. As for game play? The sky’s the limit.


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