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The “Creed” movies are known for their authenticity and respect to the real world of boxing, with champions like Canelo Alvarez recruited to make a cameo in “Creed III.”

Now things are becoming even more realistic as the film’s director, producer and star Michael B. Jordan and Hennessy have teamed up on a replica of Adonis Creed’s Delphi Boxing Academy, built in Los Angeles as a celebration of the MGM movie’s release in theaters and IMAX on Friday.

The “Creed III” pop-up gym will be open to the public on March 4 and 5, at 900 Fairfax Ave in West Hollywood, CA, giving fans the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the world of Jordan’s film, as they test their skills with boxing props, pose for interactive photos and witness sparring matches.

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Artist’s rendering of the ‘Creed III’ Delphi Boxing Academy Fan Experience Hennessy

The fan experience also serves as a launchpad for the Hennessy Legacy Makers initiative, which celebrates rising Black filmmakers.

“Hennessy champions those who ‘Never stop. Never settle.’ and Michael B. Jordan embodies this mantra on and off screen,” stated Jasmin Allen, SVP of Hennessy US, announcing the pop-up and related initiative. “We are honored to be a part of ‘Creed III,’ celebrating Black excellence in film, alongside our longtime ambassador Canelo Alvarez, and Mr. Jordan who is breaking barriers and cementing his own legacy.”

At the experience, Hennessy will spotlight short films by three filmmakers — Diana Ali Chire, Walter Thompson-Hernandez and Tevin J Tavares, who were handpicked by Jordan and the brand – which honor the journey of three promising Black creators in Hollywood – a.k.a. the “Legacy Makers” – Ngina Bowen, Gavin “Mizzle” Matheiu, and Chad Easterling. The short films, listed below, showcase “their personal stories of perseverance and commitment to perfecting their craft.”

“Letter to My Legacy,” directed by Tevin J. Tavares
A natural born leader destined for greatness discovers a fascinating connection between fine art and building a business.

The “abstract and artistic” film spotlights Chad Easterling, co-founder and CEO of Obsidianworks marketing agency, Tavares shares.

“Chad spoke passionately about how building a company is similar to creating a work of art,” he tells Variety. “When Chad and I first sat down, he gave me full creative freedom to express my vision and bring it to life by any means.”

What blossomed was both a visual representation of the partnership between filmmaker and subject as well as a powerful portrait of Easterling as an individual and Obsidianworks’ CEO.

“It’s unique in how the legacy of Obsidianworks is personified through the skilled work of Natalia, our ceramist, but all comes together in the form of a letter,” Tavares notes. “With the visual eye of [cinematographer] Milana Burdette and Keith’s intuitive editing, we executed this vision in the most visually pleasing way.”

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Walter Thompson-Hernandez, Diana Ali Chire and Tevin J. Tavares

“Give Her Flowers!” directed by Diana Ali Chire
A story about a determined and accomplished costume supervisor who understands that success means more when you inspire others.

The film follows Ngina Bowen — a veteran costume supervisor whose credits “Men in Black 3,” “Power,” “Remember Me” and “Creed III” — as she “steps out in front of the lens where her dreams, inspirations, struggles, and triumphs are brought to life in vivid color.”

“It was really exciting and inspiring to find a partner who was interested in exploring themes that really excited me, like the complexity and beauty of Black womanhood, the plight of creative women, and how family shapes our journey,” Chire says, reflecting on what it means to be chosen for the project and the doors it could open. “My hope with every project is that it finds its way to the people who it will move and inspire the most.

“Tunnel VSN,” directed by Walter Thompson-Hernandez
A young and talented creative from LA with super vision blends the influences of his family and community to build an empire and a lasting legacy.

The film centers on Gavin “Mizzle” Mathieu, whom Thompson-Hernandez describes as “a key part of the future of Los Angeles,” due to the founder and creative director of Supervsn Studios’ work with artists and companies, L.A. mayor Karen Bass, Microsoft and the late Nipsey Hussle.

“I hope my film, in some way, reflects his vision for the future,” Thompson-Hernandez of profiling Mathieu. “My film uses voice over and different visuals to tell a part of Gavin’s story. He’s committed to his vision, inspired by the community and family around him, and has an eye for the future.”

News of the pop-up comes following Jordan’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star unveiling on Wednesday morning, where “Creed III” star Jonathan Majors and Jordan’s longtime collaborator (and the film’s producer) Ryan Coogler saluted the filmmaker for his accomplishments during his 20-year career.

At the film’s L.A. premiere on Monday night, Jordan opened up to Variety about how he’s feeling with just days ahead of his directorial debut hitting the big screen.

“It’s not for me anymore,” he said. “I’ve spent the last three years of my life making it, and now I’m just ready to turn it over to the universe, because it’s for them.”

“Creed III” hits theaters and IMAX on Friday.

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Artist’s rendering of the screening room inside the ‘Creed III’ Delphi Boxing Academy Fan Experience Hennessy


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