kylo wolf dog

Listen to a wolfdog’s chilling howl once his “calm ears”

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kylo wolf dog

A wolfdog’s howl once his “calm ears” were removed had TikTokers in hysterics.

In the adorable footage shared by user Miranda Vasquez, wolf-dog hybrid Kylo is peacefully lying on his dog bed.

Wearing a stylish dog-print headscarf, Vasquez calls this Kylo’s “calm ears” stage—which only lasts as long as the scarf is blocking out nearby sounds.

Once Vasquez removes his headwear, the 3-year-old hound’s expression changes and he begins to howl, releasing an “awooooooo” worthy of a werewolf.

Dog lovers couldn’t get enough of Kylo, with the clip receiving 6.4 million views and 1.5 million likes.

Kylo the woldog in his headscarf Kylo’s headscarf helps to keep him calm when loud noises are nearby. @kylo_the_hybridwolf

Is It Dangerous to Own a Wolf-Dog Hybrid?

According to the International Wolf Center, wolf-dog hybrids—also known as “wolfdogs”—are a controversial issue in the U.S.

Although wolves and dogs share the same ancestor, and possess many of the same traits, wolves are still wild animals. Dogs have been domesticated for over 20,000 years and have evolved alongside humans, whereas wolf-dog hybrids often maintain some of their feral nature.

It can be harder for owners to meet a wolf-dog hybrid’s needs than a regular canine, with wolfdogs more prone to fear-based aggressive behavior and can be difficult to control.

Breeders who sell hybrids often hype up the “wolf content” of the animals and use it to raise prices, but offspring with a higher percent of wolf DNA often need special housing and socialization—and can be a risky choice for inexperienced dog owners.

Vasquez, from Las Vegas, rescued Kylo from a backyard breeder as a puppy, and discovered that he was part husky, German shepherd and grey wolf.

“They left him outside in the mud cause he was the runt and less desired,” Vasquez told Newsweek.

“He’s 43 percent real wolf but the sweetest boy. He was completely terrified the first time I picked him up because he peed himself. I knew I had to get him out of there.”

Some states have banned wolf-dog hybrids, while other require special permits to own one. However, other states class wolfdogs as canines and only require owners to adhere to the usual vaccinations and legal standards.

43 Percent Wolf, but 100 Percent Good Boy

Due to his wolf DNA, Kylo is extra responsive to sound. The scarf helps to tune out loud noises, such as sirens.

“I call them calm ears, because when his ears are back and covered I notice he’s way more calm and relaxed,” Vasquez said.

“And if he hears [sirens], he will start howling like a mad man.”

Although Kylo enjoys wearing his scarf, he’s not a fan of other clothing items, particularly shoes. Despite his fearsome appearance, Vasquez describes Kylo as a “big teddy bear.”

Kylo the wolfdog howling Once the scarf was off, it was a “free for all howling session” for Kylo. @kylo_the_hybridwolf

“I know most people think because of his breed that he’s a scary wolf who will turn,” Vasquez said.

“But since the day I got him, he’s loved being around any dog and gives lots of kisses even if they don’t want it.”

Vasquez said Kylo howls between five and eight times a day on average.

“He howled cause he heard the sirens in the far background getting closer,” she said.

“That’s why I put it on to help, but taking it off it’s a free for all howl session.”

‘Babushka Jail’

TikTokers adored Kylo and his “calm ears,” with several users complimenting his “Babushka” look.

“Babushka must sing,” said Feb Ironfoot. “He looks like an old village woman, so cute!!!” wrote laurasmith4916. “Babushka Jail. That’s a new one,” commented Tyler Hodson.

“He must remain babushka to not alert the enemies of his hiding,” said Kc. “All I thought of was the big bad wolf pretending to be grandma,” joked L. “How was this discovered?!” asked Pettiness.

“Ears = scream, so therefore no ears = no scream,” wrote TheHollowKing. While SoumadaOnTheRocks commented: “babushka mode: peace on the world.

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