McDonald’s employee breaks down in tears over manager’s “amazing” gift

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A McDonald’s employee in Webster, New York, broke down crying after receiving a gift from her supervisor.

Jessica Craig, a worker at the McDonald’s restaurant on Empire Boulevard, would regularly use her electric bike for her commute to work. But one day after finishing a shift, she walked out to discover that her bike had been stolen, according to Rochester First.

Craig said the bike cost about $750 and she had it for more than two years. Because of her epilepsy condition, she is unable to drive herself to work.

Retelling her reaction after her bike was stolen, Craig said: “Overall, not a very nice feeling for something like that to happen when all you want to do is just go home.”

On that day, a co-worker was able to give her a lift home, which was about a mile and a half away down the road.

Craig also said that her co-workers got her a $50 Uber gift card so she could continue to come to work while she prepared to get a new bike.

Much to her surprise, Craig was given a new bike with the help of her supervisor and the community. Before being presented with the bike, she admitted to believing she was in trouble for being pulled into a meeting.

“A couple of days later, [three supervisors] pulled me into the back office,” she said. “I was like, I don’t know what I did, but if there’s three people here, it must be kind of bad. And they led up a little bit gently, and then took me around the corner, and there’s a brand-new bike.”

Craig’s initial shock at the gesture was captured on camera thanks to her supervisor, Eric Verstreate, and WROC Rochester First reporter Gio Battaglia. Verstreate also shared the moment the bike was unveiled to Craig on his Facebook page.

In the clip, Verstreate said that after hearing about Craig’s bike being stolen, he went on a frustrated rant on Facebook, explaining the situation. He said many people were moved by the story and some went as far to offer money to pay for a new bike.

In the clip, Craig’s mouth can be seen dropping in shock before she covers her face and begins crying.

Verstreate added: “People you don’t even know, people I don’t know, altogether, $700, got you a new bike.

Through tears, Craig was able to say that she thought this gift was “amazing.”

Verstreate also explained why he wanted to help Craig and highlighted her continuous strong work ethic.

“Jessica has a bit of a story,” he said. “She has a little bit of a medical thing going on. She committed herself to work and she found a great fit. I’ll tell you, no matter how stressful work and how many customers we see, she smiles, and the customers see it and they talk about it and the staff feels it. It’s contagious.”

Newsweek reached out to Verstreate for comment.

McDonalds A McDonald’s in Edgewater, New Jersey, on October 21, 2019. A McDonalds employee broke down crying after her manager presented her with a new bike after hers was stolen. Getty

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