wedding couple pregnant woman

“Petty” woman cheered for why she announced pregnancy at sister’s

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wedding couple pregnant woman

A woman who decided to announce her pregnancy at her sister’s wedding has been widely praised online.

In a Reddit post shared on the Am I The ******* group, which can be seen here, user weddingdrama2022 explained that her 28-year-old sister was the first person to know she was pregnant.

The Reddit user, 32, added that she got a positive pregnancy test about three months before the wedding. She said she was going to tell both her parents and her in-laws about the pregnancy, but that her sister told her to wait until after the wedding.

Wedding couple and a pregnant woman File photos of a couple at a wedding and a pregnant woman. People online backed the woman’s decision to share her pregnancy news at the wedding. Getty

Instead, the woman’s sister wanted to make an announcement about a “special guest” at her wedding, allowing her to tell others about the pregnancy.

But on the day of the wedding, the sister changed her mind on telling guests about the pregnancy.

The Reddit user said: “I was obviously super upset since I went through a really awful first trimester with only my sister and husband to lean on.

“I decided I wasn’t going to put the announcement on hold any longer just for her, so my husband and I pulled my parents aside and quietly told them, and told them to keep it private for the evening.

“They were thrilled, lots of hugs, a few tears, but a very touching and private moment. Literally, no one else found out until I announced it on Facebook a week later.”

Women Having Children Later

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, women are having children later in their lives than in previous decades.

Between 1990 and 2019, the fertility rates of women aged 35 to 39 increased by 67 percent during the roughly 30-year period.

It also revealed that data showed the fertility of women aged 20 to 24 declined by 43 percent in the same time period.

When the sister found out via Facebook, she went on a furious tirade and claimed the Reddit poster made her wedding about herself.

While her parents and partner don’t think the woman did anything wrong, she still apologized. She added that her sister has refused to see her now one-month-old nephew.

Rima Barakeh, a wedding expert and the deputy editor of told Newsweek that announcing a pregnancy at a wedding is typically considered to be a faux pas.

She added: “Announcing any important news at someone’s wedding is widely considered a big no-no, and in normal circumstances, I’d absolutely be siding with the bride here – but there are a lot more layers to this story than someone announcing they are pregnant at someone else’s wedding.”

She added: “I would say, the only time it would be deemed appropriate to announce news of a pregnancy, engagement or other milestone events would be when the couple themselves have asked you to.

“Like in this case, the bride specifically asked her sister to delay her pregnancy announcement so it could take place at the wedding.

“Hindsight is a wonderful thing, and I’m sure the poster now wishes she had announced her pregnancy before the wedding as she’d originally planned – but who’s to say that too wouldn’t have upset her sister?”

Online Reaction

Since being shared on March 4 the post has received more than 18,800 upvotes and attracted some 2,600 comments.

Initially, there were some commenters who said the Reddit user was “petty” and “mean” for announcing the pregnancy.

But the majority of commenters praised the woman for announcing her pregnancy and said that her sister acted in an immature way.

Reddit user thanktink said: “NTA (not the *******), but your sister is. Yelling ‘my wedding is ruined’ after one week of happily thinking about the perfect day you had is a really strange move too as is ‘how can I prevent my sister to get any attention at all for the duration of four full months.’ Sister needs to stop being dramatic.”

You-don’t-say1330 added: “I would be devastated if my daughters never told me until the fourth month, especially when they really needed me. A bridezilla and *******. NTA.”

JBB2002902: “OP (original poster) was being manipulated. Stop apologizing and enjoy your new family. NTA.”

Don’t Steal the Limelight

Barakeh told Newsweek that in most cases people should avoid announcing any major news at someone else’s wedding.

She added: “On the whole, I’d always advise against making any kind of announcement at someone’s wedding because, even if the couple are fine with it, there will always be some guests who think you are trying to steal the limelight, no matter how well-intended your gesture is.

“However, in this case, I don’t think the poster has much to apologize for. The real mistake here was the bride suggesting the idea in the first place and then changing her mind.

“Avoid announcements at weddings because, whether it’s you, the couple or a judgey guest – someone will always end up upset or offended.”

Newsweek has contacted weddingdrama2022 for comment.


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