Spouse kicking out sister-in-law for invading their personal space backed

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A man has received support online for telling his flirtatious sister-in-law to back off.

In a shocking Reddit post, the man revealed that his sister-in-law “wants him” and that it’s “obvious.” In an attempt to ward off her advances, he asked her to leave the home that he and his wife share.

Although he swiftly dealt with the situation, the man has been left feeling unsure whether to tell his wife. After all, while his honesty will be coming from a good place, his admission could lead to an argument or create a rift between the two sisters.

Cheating Stock image of a woman looking suspicious with a man. The Reddit post has been upvoted by 97 percent of the users engaging, with most supporting the man and urging him to tell his wife about the incidents. Getty Images

“I don’t know how to tell my wife that her sister has been wanting me for years and that she is not afraid to imply it when she’s not around,” the man wrote.

The Reddit post continued: “It’s starting to get harder and harder to reject her when she’s making things so obvious. For example, she slid into bed with me when my wife went to work. They are about the same size, so I didn’t realize until minutes after cuddling. She started laughing and that’s when I noticed.”

Since it was shared to the social media platform on February 28, the scandalous post, which can be seen here, has been upvoted by 97 percent of the users engaging with it and commented on over 400 times, with most users urging the man to inform his wife of the situation.

“Tell her ASAP. Before the sister-in-law tells her and flips the story saying you initiated everything,” one user advised.

Another Redditor commented: “You need to tell your wife that you are uncomfortable with the situation and make a clear distinction that if the sister tries something like what you’re describing AGAIN then you are going to call the cops on her next time or file a restraining order on her.”

How Can You Spot Infidelity?

Laura Wasser is a family law and relationship expert, and the chief of divorce evolution at Wasser told Newsweek that as a divorce lawyer and relationship expert who has seen it all, she knows how devastating cheating can be to a relationship.

“First off, trust your gut,” Wasser advised, on how people can spot cheating partners.

“If something feels off, it probably is. Look for changes in behavior, like suddenly working late all the time, being more secretive with their phone, or dressing up for no apparent reason. And if they start accusing you of cheating out of the blue, that’s a red flag too.”

In regards to the situation explored on Reddit, Wasser argued that if you’re the one being approached by someone outside of your relationship or commitment that it’s not worth risking what you have with your partner—despite temptations.

“The best way to turn them down is to be direct and honest,” Wasser said.

“Let them know that you’re flattered but you’re committed to your partner and not interested in pursuing anything else. And then make sure your partner knows that you were approached and turned them down. It may sound counterintuitive, but being open and honest can actually bring you closer together,” she added.

Wasser told Newsweek that at the end of the day, the key to avoiding cheating is communication and trust.

“If you’re feeling neglected or unsatisfied in your relationship, talk to your partner about it. And if you’re worried that your partner is cheating, have an open and honest conversation about your concerns. It may not be easy, but it’s always better to confront the issue head-on than to let it fester and potentially destroy your relationship,” the relationship expert explained.

“Trust your gut, be honest, and communicate with your partner. That’s the recipe for a strong, healthy relationship that can weather any storm,” she concluded.

Newsweek has reached out to @TiroTeoooo for comment. We could not verify the details of this case.

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