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The Best Basketball Games


nba 2k23 top

The NBA is fast approaching the business end of the season and if you can’t get enough of the on-court action you’re likely looking to other things to satiate your need for basketball content.

Whether that be trawling through the latest NBA lines to work out who has the best chance of going all the way in the play offs or listening to every podcast and reading every fan article out there. There is a more enjoyable way to get your basketball fill though – gaming.

Get ready to start up the console as we go through some of the best basketball games out there guaranteed to get you pumped up for the play offs.

Big Ballers Basketball

Meta Quest

VR has been the ‘next big thing’ for almost 20 years, but up until recently it seemed to remain a fanciful pipe dream. That was until big names like ‘The Artist Formerly Known as Facebook’ (Meta) and Google muscled in on the VR market.

Now we are beginning to see more and more good quality VR games hit the market and go down well with players. Big Ballers Basketball, which is available through Meta Quest is a really fun and engaging VR basketball experience.

The title sees you take to the streets to show off your basketball prowess and it’s unique blend of authentic mechanics along with the arcade style and vibe make it a real hit with basketball purists.

(Jeremy Klinger reviews what some people are calling the ‘best basketball VR game’.)

NBA 2KVR Experience

Meta Quest

Sticking with VR for the second game we have the NBA 2KVR Experience game which, at the time of writing, probably remains the best basketball VR game on the market. Walk out on to centre court with All-Star Paul George to guide you through the mechanics and gameplay.

From there you can compete in a three point shootout, complete as many skills challenges as possible, do your best against the buzzer beater and try a number of training drills. All with the realistic thrills and spills of being centre stage on an actual NBA court.

(Take a look at Troydan trying to complete some of the on court challenges from NBA 2KVR Experience.)

NBA 2K23

Console & PC

Every year basketball fans get themselves worked up for the latest release in the 2K series, this season’s release didn’t disappoint. Featuring improved AI mechanics the game feels more realistic and less arcadey than previous incarnations.

One of the standout features of this latest release is the return of the Jordan Challenge that allows you to relive 15 standout moments from the legendary man’s career. There’s also the return of Seasons and MyTEAM which have proved hugely popular in recent years.

(The Jordan Challenge returns for the first time in a decade and is an absolute must for any basketball fan.)

Basketball GM


Whilst some people get a thrill out of recreating the on-court action, there are others who prefer to put their knowledge and acumen to the test when it comes to the big decisions. This free to play online game allows you to take the role of a GM at a basketball team.

There you will set the strategy and make all the big off-court decisions such as ticket prices, draft picks, salary decisions and the hiring and firing of coaches. Can you make a dynasty or will you be hounded out of the city by a pack of fans baying for blood?

(Basketball GM is not only a great game for players, it’s also a mine of content for YouTube creators.)

Basketrio AllStar Streetball

Android & iPhone

Whilst all of the games listed above are brilliant and will help you kill a couple of hours, they aren’t exactly the type of games you can play on your morning commute. If you’re looking for something to help you fill those hours of boredom on the bus or train, Basketrio AllStar Streetball is for you.

You will be challenged to a simple 3 on 3 basketball game that lasts just three minutes and is full of thrills and spills. Away from the courtside action there are plenty of customisable features to keep you invested in your character and encourage you to perform to your best on the court.

(Check out the gameplay from one of the best mobile basketball games on the market.)


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