Woman’s reason for accusing male friend of cheating on his

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A woman has been strongly criticized online for accusing a male friend of cheating on his wife in the past.

The viral Reddit post, written by the friend under the username @AITAThrowaway8273628, said: “I met my wife when we were 14. We started dating at 16. We are still together now. This weekend, I was hanging out at a friend’s house. There was a girl there who is a friend of one of my friend’s girlfriends. We’ll call her Jane. I don’t know her that well but I see her around often because we are in the same friend circle.

“Drinks were flowing and somehow the topic came up about how many people everyone has slept with. Jane was shocked when I mentioned I had only slept with one person,” the poster said.

Jane married young and her husband cheated on her throughout their relationship, which led eventually to a separation, according to the poster. Jane was having such a hard time believing that he had slept with only one person that she assumed he must have cheated on his wife in the past.

Couple A stock image shows a man and a woman arguing. In a viral Reddit post, a man describes an argument in which a woman falsely accused him of cheating on his wife in the past. Getty Images

“I’ve been with my wife since we were 16. Admitting to [cheating] would mean admitting I have cheated, which I haven’t. In response to that, she just said that must mean that I have and I’m lying about it,” the poster said.

He went on: “At this point, I am getting annoyed because she is straight up accusing me of being unfaithful. She said she knows from experience how unlikely it is. That’s when I said that just because her husband was s***** doesn’t mean that we all are. She just mumbled a ‘whatever’ and was quiet for the rest of the night.”

Upset by the interaction, the man took to Reddit to share the experience and to call upon users to judge whether his response to the cheating remark was dignified or not.

Since it was shared to Reddit’s AmItheA****** page on February 28, the post has received plenty of attention. It has been upvoted by 96 percent of users and commented on over 800 times.

Most Redditors backed the man for his response and slammed the woman for her remarks.

“Nope. NTA. But Jane sure is. She pushed the issue. You shut it down,” one wrote.

A self-described therapist commented: “It’s scary that you have used all the phrases I came to use.”

“No other answer is as good as this,” another Redditor said.

How to Tell if Your Partner Is Cheating

Jacqueline Fae is the founder and chief executive officer of IDL Match Club, a dating service based in the U.S., and has a background education in psychology. She told Newsweek that there are ways in which you can suss out whether your partner is being faithful to you, as well as ways in which you can peacefully exit an unfaithful relationship.

“If you suspect your partner is cheating on you, walk away from their cellphone. I repeat: Do not snoop through their phone. It’s an invasion of their space and privacy, and it always leads to an undesired outcome,” she said.

Fae advises people to take a deep breath instead and calmly communicate with their partner.

“Be honest and authentic. Tell them you care but that you’ve noticed some changes in their behavior. The more authentic and honest you are with them, hopefully you will receive an honest answer in return,” she said.

“Not all relationships are going to last, you can’t force another person to stay. But communication is the key to fixing a relationship or ending it amicably,” Fae said.

Has infidelity ended your trust in your partner? Let us know via [email protected] We can ask experts for advice, and your story could be featured in Newsweek.


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