wordle hints 15 march 2023 puzzle

‘Wordle’ today #634 hints, tips and answer for Wednesday, March

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wordle hints 15 march 2023 puzzle

Well over a year after it was first released to the public, in October 2021, word puzzle Wordle is showing few signs of losing its astonishing appeal across the English speaking world.

The game was invented during the coronavirus lockdown by Josh Wardle, a New York-based software developer.

Speaking to Newsweek in January 2022 Wardle gave some advice to those trying to complete his puzzles. He said: “One thing I will say is that a lot of people tend to think that the game is just about finding those green and gold letters. If you get those, then you theoretically have the information you need, but you don’t want to get too hung up on that.

“Even when you have most of the letters, it’s still worth using a couple of tries to just narrow down the options further. It’s often just as important to learn what letters aren’t in a word. That information can actually be more powerful in a lot of ways, and you don’t necessarily realize it at first.”

Wordle hints for 15 March 2023 puzzle A person playing online word game “Wordle” on a mobile phone in Washington, DC on January 11, 2022. Newsweek has some hints and tips to help you solve today’s Wordle puzzle. STEFANI REYNOLDS/AFP/GETTY

Later that same month, Wordle was purchased by the New York Times, for an undisclosed seven-figure sum.

The success of Wordle helped inspire several other popular online puzzles, including Nerdle for math fans and Worldle for those who want to test their geographical knowledge.

The answer to today’s puzzle will be revealed at the end of this article, so scroll down with caution if you want to work it out for yourself.

‘Wordle’ #634 Tips and Clues for Wednesday, March 15

Newsweek has put together five clues to help you solve today’s Wordle puzzle.

Hint #1: The third and fourth letters are the same.

Hint #2: There are two vowels.

Hint #3: You can do this with a broom or brush.

Hint #4: Associated with cleaning.

Hint #5: There is no ‘I’ in team. The same applies to today’s Wordle.

‘Wordle’ #634 Answer for Wednesday, March 15

The answer to today’s Wordle is “Sweep.”

Well, that was a tricky one! Not the most commonly used word, with two of the rarer vowels, Tuesday’s Wordle is likely to have challenged even experienced players. Did you figure it out?

If so, congratulations! But please don’t worry if not. One of my favorite things about Wordle is seeing if I can improve my results over time.

What Does ‘Sweep’ Mean?

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines “sweep” as: “To remove from a surface with or as if with a broom or brush.”

For example: “To sweep the crumbs from the table.”


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